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3 reviews
  • Alexandra·

    In a matter of two sessions, I fееl transformed from an unconfident frump to an еlеgаnt entrepreneur! Sofiya helped me so much to really feel like myself and gain the confidence I need.

  • Dina·

    I wanted a capsule wardrobe for the fall & winter season but I didn't know where to start. I asked Sofiya for help and she just blew my mind! She created a guide with actual garments and created a perfect capsule wardrobe for me. It was exactly what I wanted and more! She picked all the items that suit my color, body, and lifestyle. I live in New York and have a small daughter. This is why I needed something stylish but comfortable. She just checked all the boxes! I asked Sofiya for help again in summer and she picked perfect items for me: fun, colorful, and super pretty.

    Sofiya saved me so much time, money, and energy. Moreover, everything she picked for me makes me feel happy, beautiful, and put together! I can’t recommend Sofiya and her services enough.

  • Katya·

    I was looking to refresh and polish my style. Sofiya helped me with my color and style guides. It is hard sometimes to see your style from outside of your own ideas, so I have decided to seek some help from a professional.

    I looked at Sofiya’s Instagram page/youtube I have noticed a distinguished style and also overall consistency in her taste. First, I have to say all the work Sofiya did for me was done in a timely manner. Her remarks to me were always insightful, tactful, and uplifting - to me, these are very important professional and personal qualities of a stylist.

    I was amazed about the volume of the guide that was produced for me - it is truly my own personalized style book. I enjoyed looking through my colors and style examples. Some of them were confirmed, others were new to me. Sofiya gave me some ideas and advice specific to my body shape that were new and interesting to me. With her advice, I have changed some of my wardrobe staples. I got a couple of structured pieces vs soft-lined.

    I would definitely recommend Sofiya Levina to my friends and anyone how is looking to take a closer look at their style, to refresh it, or to build something exciting and new.

    Thank you very much for your kind, insightful, professional, and extensive advice!

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